Saturday, September 4, 2010


Separated from you
It's difficult to handle
I want to hold you
I want to love you
in all my heart
I want to tell you everyday that your special to me
As my heart is missing her other half
Seeing your smile calms my soul
Hearing your voice it's like music in my ears
But the main one I can't handle
Is not seeing you face to face
I can't help it
I'll do anything just to see you
Because I go crazy for real love
Loving you is a bless of God
You have woken my heart
You have cured my wounds and tears
You have awaken the flames of passion and love
This love that I have isn't a shadow
Touching you with my hands
The warms and a living innocent one
Remembering every single moment that I spend with you
Can never forget your smile
Can't forget your face
Nor your wonderful words
Baby deep down in my heart I love U
No matter what
arghh sedeynyaaa..perlukah aku buat semua ni?"?"?"?
maybe inilah jalan terbaik untuk kami.
but i need him very much.
perlukah semua ini berlaku..perlukah..smebdy help me.
xboleh2!aku syg dy kot!aku taw dy pon gedik2 syg aku gak!law x dah lama dy tinggai aku kan..hmm..sabaq -sabaqq...GOD only know wht im thinking!.

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