Friday, October 8, 2010

His Kisses

The way he...
His kisses reminded me of a walk in the park!
The only time he kisses me is in the dark!
He never lets his friends see!
But I don’t care as long as it’s me!

When we kiss I think I might fly!
The time stops so I can sigh!
But I can’t wait till I can feel his lips on mine!
It always feels like that was my sign!

The kiss isn’t any it’s a make out!
But usually I think of it as a doubt!
That maybe that’s all he wants!
And when I think that it haunts me!

His kisses are pure like the night sky!
But I now we could fly till we die!
He the only thing I can think of when were done I’m left wanting more!
But I realize I could swore!

It’s as warm as the sun!
But as bright as the moon!
I’m always left speechless wanting more!

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